Hey guys.

Christmas is tomorrow, as many of you know. And in honor of that, I wanted to do a special post.

This is a bit corny, really, but I want to remind people that Christmas is really all about the birth of Jesus. I have a hard time sometimes of remembering this in the midst of entertaining guests and family, but I try to. And I’m not a perfect Christian by any means. I struggle with some things more than others, but I want Him to be in the center of my life. Because without Him, nothing matters.

It’s improbable that He was born on this ACTUAL day, it’s set aside to honor Him. Thank you, Jesus, for everything.

Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, take it as a time to reflect on how life was and is, as well as a time to be with family and friends. Because many of us take them for granted too much.

This is a bit Thanksgiving-esque, but I wanted to write a list of what I’m grateful for:

  1. A super awesome Savior, who I couldn’t dream living without.
  2. My great family: my cousins (who are always good for a laugh), my brother (who serves an example for my life), my sister (who reminds me to work harder and stronger), my mom (who’s always there for me), my dad (who’s just special), and my aunts and uncles (who are really really great)
  3. My friends, of course! Though I don’t have many, the ones I have are real and honest and fun.
  4. My cat. You’ve probably seen him in my posts. He keeps me company in those long study nights.
  5. My ability to speak different languages. I can now connect with people around the world.
  6. The ability to cook. Else I’d be dead in college.
  7. A house over my head, the ability to help people, and being in a good church.

I remember reading this somewhere a long time ago, or maybe I heard it on the radio, but it was a story of a daughter and a dad. It’s kind of gross, but the daughter wasn’t feeling too well (like she had a fever or something), and her dad walked her to the bathroom. Halfway there, ¬†she suddenly threw up. Her dad without any hesitation cupped his hands together to catch it, and he rushed her to the bathroom.

As I said, gross, I know. But think about it: how many of your friends would do something like that for you? Family holds a special place in our hearts, and we’d be wise to remember that.

Merry Christmas.

x Audrey