Hi, I’m Audrey! I’m a self-taught baker who loves everything food! Welcome to my blog.

How did you start blogging?

  • This actually started as my senior project in high school. I knew I had a passion for food that bloomed into something bigger my junior year; I started baking and cooking like crazy that year. My cooking skills are still quite rough. But I’m learning to learn and I’m willing to try.

What are your favorite foods?

  • This is a toughie… my favorite foods to cook are desserts and breads. However, they are two of my least favorite kinds of foods (is that weird?) I’m a savory type of girl, so I love eating Cantonese style food, guacamole, soup, and curries. And bubble tea. Can’t forget about bubble tea…

What inspires your posts?

  • Mostly, my mom. I’ve seen her in the kitchen hundreds of times, but only recently have I really appreciated the time and effort she takes to create the perfect blend of flavors. What I’ve realized was that time behind the scenes (like the prep work) is a lot more than it seems. The seasons, the mood, and the need (like catering desserts for a party) also inspire the recipes.

Describe yourself in three words.

  • Christian, happy, and curious.

Favorite Holiday?

  • Christmas. For sure.

What dreams do you have?

  • I want to have a job that helps people. I want to have made a difference in the world. But if you mean dreams as in “childish” dreams, I want to skydive with people I love, visit Europe in the most non-tourist way possible, and just find the perfect blend of people to be friends with the rest of my life.

What are your answers to these questions? Leave them in the comments down below!


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