Pho Bo (Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup)

One of the rising trends in Asian food right now, besides bubble tea, is pho.

Pho (pronounced fuuuuuuh) is a comforting beef noodle soup recipe that, frankly, you can’t get enough of.The flavor of the simmering broth with the nice crunch of bean sprouts, added with the tenderness of beef is a recipe for success (no pun intended. really.)


This seems like it’s totally labor-intensive, but it’s seriously not. It’s just time-consuming, just like croissants. UUUUUGH. I’d love a croissant right now. Hot and fresh from the oven, mmmm…

The flavorful soup base comes from simmering beef bones for a long time, as well as toasting some carefully selected spices. All in all, it’s a spiced-up beef broth. Some recipes I found online that use the shortcut method use a can of beef broth and simmer it with some spices. You could do that, really. But I’ve had an aversion to beef broth ever since I made Italian Wedding Soup; the house smelled really horrible. Now I just use chicken broth.


I just got back from a Karate class, where we learned to *properly* choke people and sort of parry away a gun. I’m not anywhere near being proficient, but– it’s just really fun, Karate. And you can protect yourself from creeps.


That’s always a plus.

x Audrey

For the recipe, go to this link here. I promise, it’s worth your while. Enjoy!


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