Top 5 Thursday: Afterschool Snacks

Welcome to the first “Top 5 Thursday!” This is a series where I’m going to upload top 5 list on Thursday instead of Friday. I love lists, especially top 5 lists, so I decided– why not do one of my own?

This first list is over after school snacks. After a long day at school, it’s nice to kick back, take a walk with your dog, and have a nice snack before procrastinating working on your homework. You know,  just a little pick me up without the “pick me up”, if you know what I mean (:

These range from light and refreshing to filling. Homemade? Sometimes. But some of the best snacks aren’t homemade (i.e., gummy bears).

These lists won’t be every week, just when a good list is compiled.

I’m going to go get a snack right now… can you guess which one it is?

x Audrey



Young Coconut. Coconuts are gifts from God. I love coconuts so much. Coconut water and coconut flesh are great. If you close your eyes, you can imagine you’re on the beach. Young coconuts are full of nutrients and are low calorie, if you’re into that sort of thing. If it rained coconuts instead of manna, that would’ve been terrific. Actually–now that I think about it, concussions would’ve been exponentially increased if that were the case.



IMG_20140423_160156_257Cheese & Crackers. Who doesn’t love good ‘ol fashioned cheese and crackers? We’re not too good at pairing cheeses with things because, well, we don’t usually eat cheese. My parents aren’t big fans of cheese, but us, being second-generation Asian Americans, love it. Here, we have Smoked Gouda, our favorite, with black olives, since my sister can eat them like grapes. What’s your favorite cheese?



Homemade Larabars. Bars are the epitome of school snacks. Healthify it with no added sugar. It’s an acquired taste, but it’s a nice acquired taste. Like tea. Which brings me to…



IMG_20140206_163828_173-1Bubble Tea. Enough said.




Cucumber and Jellyfish Salad. Especially in the summer months, and especially when you need something to get you going for the rest of the day, and when you’re feeling Asian. You know, all around good snack.


What’s your favorite afterschool snack?